March 5, 2017

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Let's Learn the Measurements

Let's Learn the Measurements

👉 About

Let’s Learn the Measurements is an educational application that helps children learn how to convert basic units of measurement. Its core users are differently-abled children.

⛳ Objective

Considering the target audience, the objective is clear—make it as simple and as easy to use as possible.

Another objective is to make the application attractive to children in elementary schools.

✋ My Role

I did the design and the artwork for the application, as well as the initial development and functionality of the Android app.

💥 Challenges

Since the app is going to be used in schools and will run on older hardware, it would have to be easy on the resources while still not boring to look at.

🔁 Design Process

The application was given to students during development as the functionalities were added. With their feedback, I learned the importance of accessibility in digital products. The buttons needed to be bigger and the color contrast had to be better.

Also, teachers took notes on how students used the application. If anything was confusing to any of them, they would note and report.

🎨 Design Elements


The color palette is simple and contrasting with dark blue and orange dominating.


Although options in the main menu all have different colors, main and accent colors are complementary.


The app works with whichever font family is the default on the device. The reason for that is optimizing the app to load as few resources as possible due to the limitations of some devices.

📱 Final App

Task solving screen
Main menu screen

🎓 What I Learned

This project taught me the importance of accessibility in design. Most of the people working in design tend not to have difficulties using digital products. However, this project would have been almost unusable for the target audience if I didn’t think about what it’s like for the differently-abled to use a mobile application.

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